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Share your solution and the ways it will lead us to a more sustainable future

The Sustainable Mobility Challenge will award a total of €150,000 (three grants of €50,000 each) to innovative solution providers, addressing the personal transportation needs and other mobility challenges of Sweden. In addition to these cash awards, €1,5 million is allocated by the Swedish Energy Agency to accelerate market introduction of the most transformational sustainable mobility solutions available. We thereby offer a path for Winners to more quickly and easily access the Swedish market in 2019, including design, installation and evaluation required for successful commercial adoption. By participating in the Challenge, applicants also get exposure to potential investors, changemakers, and our other stakeholders.

Please read all of the requirements before starting your submission. We encourage you to review the Rules and Trait Scoring Rubric to emphasize how your approach aligns with criteria used to assess each valid application. Applications must be submitted in English. Portions of your application may be published on this website (including, but not limited to, Organization Name, Proposal Title, Executive Summary, and Video Pitch).

Please use Chrome as your browser and contact [email protected] with questions or technical issues. The application saves automatically as you enter information. Any images you include should be used judiciously and not as a way to get around word count, and image size cannot exceed 10 MB.

Before submitting, be sure to preview your application and confirm that any changes have saved. When you have completed all of the requirements, a message will display to Submit your final application. Once you have submitted the application, you will no longer be able to make changes.

Applications are due no later than Tuesday, 26 March 2019 at 8:00 PM CET

All fields are required unless otherwise indicated. 


Let’s begin with the opportunity to make a strong first impression. Share the most succinct and compelling overview of your proposal. This Quick Pitch should stand alone (requires no other context). We may reveal this information to the public, other potential funders, and leaders in Sweden and around the world, who are change-makers and investors in the future of sustainable mobility solutions.


Provide a brief title that describes your overall proposal. 


Provide a concise summary of the most powerful aspects of your proposal. Keep your summary to one paragraph. We may use this content to describe the most promising solutions on our website.


Help us understand the leadership, structure, and capabilities of your organization.


Upload a PDF file (size cannot exceed 10 MB) that includes resumes/CVs for up to the top three members of leadership team. You are only allowed to upload one file and only include information for up to the top three leaders in order to remain eligible.

STRUCTURE (200 words)

Describe your management structure, using the name/title for each team member and an overview of key roles for overseeing delivery of your solution. Include descriptions of any partners who are integral to your project’s success. If two or more organizations are included, describe each partner’s specific role to support the work being done.

TRACK RECORD (250 words)

Describe your prior success, achievements, and/or specific experience proving you are well-positioned to implement a safe and stable mobility solution in Sweden. Emphasize the credibility of your team and include endorsements and/or other examples of support that speak to your ability to deliver results.


We are looking for safe, stable, and serious solution providers offering sustainable and healthy business models. Those providers need to demonstrate their ability to coordinate within the transport systems of a region. Explain ways you successfully collaborate with others to support the larger mobility ecosystem. Describe any past or current partnerships that demonstrate your ability to operate within those systems. If you are a collaboration between two or more organizations, present a clear case as to why this will be an effective partnership.


We envision a future where the daily commute within our communities is improved through fossil-free options that offer competitive pricing to reduce the need for a private car, and that combines offerings from different transport providers into a single seamless mobile service, removing the hassle of planning and one-off payments. Showcase your business model, plan, key tactics, and other technical aspects to deliver your proposed solution.


We are looking for a solution that is built on an open and scalable platform, that enables secure integration with other systems, and that can improve over time, including the possibility to add new services and/or complement other third-party solutions. Provide a general description of your solution, including your current status and any  description of locations where your solution is currently implemented (if applicable).

BUSINESS MODEL (250 words)

Explain how you plan to implement and manage your proposed solution. Include a general description of the required resources, estimated cost per use/user, and the feasibility of your approach. You may include schematics, photos, and other visual representations of your solution, and image size cannot exceed 10 MB. For physical mobility service providers, describe your ability to finance your modes of transportation. For platform or product/service aggregators, describe how you address interconnection of multiple products/services. Please ensure that your description of the customer interface includes an explanation of a single-point-of-payment functionality. 

USER PROFILE (150 words)

Demonstrate your understanding of your customers. Who are you serving? What obstacles do your customers face? Show that you have taken time to understand those conditions and how your solution will address them. Demonstrate that you have taken the time to understand their needs. You may also provide an explanation of any broader challenges that you may be serving, such as climate change and/or environmental remediation.


In order to be effective, any solution provider needs support from local stakeholders. Either describe how you have engaged community representatives where you have previously implemented your solution or how you to intend to engage local stakeholders in Sweden, should you be chosen to introduce your solution within a local community. You have already described your record collaborating with others, so this is your opportunity to describe how you plan to engage stakeholders effectively going forward. What are the tools and tactics that you intend to utilize to ensure support from those stakeholders? 


While you have previously described your record as a collaborator and your approach to stakeholder engagement, this is your opportunity to describe how you intend to align your solution within the supply chain of other product or service providers. Please identify those interests who are most relevant to your supply chain needs.

INNOVATION (150 words)

Share how your solution will more quickly and/or more cost effectively lead to cleaner, more convenient, speedy, reliable, safe, and sustainable mobility, and how it differs from, improves upon, and/or bolsters existing methods/practices in Sweden and/or around the world. Highlight unique features of the solution that you have or will develop. Provide any other information to demonstrate the creativity of your approach.


The Swedish Energy Agency will facilitate Accelerated Market Introduction for the winning solutions that offer new, seamless, personal transport services to meet the underlying needs of today’s commuter. Those solutions must be flexible, easy to use, and replace the need for privately-owned cars. The Sustainable Mobility Challenge has created a network of proactive stakeholders with shared needs - including cities, large companies, and property owners - all of whom are ready to test and invest in impactful, feasible, and scalable solutions that take us one step closer to a sustainable future. Winners will be invited to negotiate their market introduction projects with participating stakeholders in Sweden in Summer 2019, and the market introduction period is intended to last for up to 12 months starting in late Autumn 2019. 


Daily commuter travel is responsible for a substantial part of CO2-emissions in Sweden, and we are determined to reach a fossil independent transportation sector in Sweden by 2030. Describe your plan, timeline, key requirements, and other considerations for a successful Market Introduction. Explain how you would plan to enter a new marketplace. Demonstrate your understanding of the particular needs of the Swedish market. 

METRICS & OUTCOMES (250 words)

The winning solutions will have a net-positive environmental impact and prove to be profitable and sustainable over time. Define success, your measurable results, other outcomes, and any process for evaluating, tracking, and gathering metrics to substantiate claims. This may include metrics for fossil free transport (such as reduced CO2 emissions), effective mobility that does not cause increased traffic or congestion, cost efficiencies, time savings, consumer accessibility and ease, and long-term impact. Offer any relevant data to back up claims of effectiveness, including how you are well-prepared and best suited to successfully introduce your proposed solution to Sweden.


Identify any specific operational or tactical hurdles, principal risks or challenges to the short and long-term success of the project and your plans to address them. We want to understand whether you are anticipating any specific issues that you will need to overcome to deploy your solution in Sweden. 

OUTREACH PLAN (100 words)

Please describe your approach to outreach and communications, explaining how you intend to introduce the solution, explain why it matters, and activate your target community.


Share your vision and explain how your solution is prepared to expand beyond the market introduction phase. Describe plans to sustain your solution with less dependency on any public subsidies and to scale your solution as a model that can be applied or adapted to meet the diverse needs of many communities throughout Sweden (and around the world).

BUDGET (150 words)

Offer a narrative description of your total budget needs, please list and describe items and administrative costs for the Accelerated Market Introduction of your proposed solution within a 12-month timeline. Explain any contingency plan, should you not secure any necessary additional resources. If additional resources have already been secured, please reference those sources of funding or other resources. Please describe any potential to leverage additional resources to scale your project (including the name(s) of any current funding prospect(s), amounts, and type of those resources).


This is your final opportunity to raise any other considerations. Here, you may emphasize or expand upon a previous point or provide new information, as necessary.


You are required to submit a video presentation that captures why your approach should be funded. You will upload a short digital film using YouTube (set the Privacy Settings on your video to Public or Unlisted - do not set them to Private). Your video may be extracted from your submission and made available to the public.

Your Video Pitch should comply with the following guidelines. If it does not, your submission may be invalid and no longer eligible for an award.

Here are general suggestions for delivering a high-quality video pitch: 

Hone your content:


If you are chosen as a Finalist of the Sustainable Mobility Challenge, you may be required to provide additional information. The following list is only intended to illustrate some of the basic additional information that may be required of you, and the Swedish Energy Agency reserves the right to require other information, as necessary.