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According to our Rules, we welcome applications from organisations or entities in the following categories: 


(1) For-profit entities; (2) Public organisations; (3) Nonprofit or non-governmental agencies; or (4) Colleges, universities, or academic or research institutions or centers that are part of a university meeting the eligibility criteria if the university adopts the proposed approach as its own.

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To reduce the carbon footprint from our daily travel and commute, we will award fossil-free, user-friendly personal transport services that meet the needs of today’s commuter, and that reduce the need for privately-owned vehicles. We invite applications from safe, reliable suppliers with a healthy business model and the ability to coordinate and provide sustainable transport alternatives within a region. More specifically, proposed solutions should: be built on an open platform; enable secure integration with other systems; and have opportunity for scale.

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Sweden is committed to push boundaries to build a more sustainable future and reach a fossil independent transportation sector by 2030. Our daily commute accounts for a substantial part of our CO2-emissions and we need new ways to improve transportation options and reduce the need for a privately-owned vehicle. With this Challenge, Sweden invites the world’s most progressive and innovative solution providers to submit proposals that address personal transportation needs and other mobility challenges in Sweden.


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In addition to €150,000 in cash awards (three grants of €50,000 each), €1,5 million is allocated by the Swedish Energy Agency to accelerate market introduction of the most transformational sustainable mobility solutions available. We thereby offer a path for Winners to more quickly and easily access the Swedish market in 2019, including design, installation and evaluation required for successful commercial adoption. By participating in the Challenge, applicants also get exposure to potential investors, changemakers, and our other stakeholders.

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This initiative has created a network of cities, employers, large companies, property owners and other partners who are ready to test and invest in impactful, feasible, and scalable solutions that take us one step closer to a sustainable future. We are fortunate to have the tremendous support of our esteemed panel of judges who are tasked with reviewing submissions. We are thankful for our many stakeholders and invite you to learn more about how we are working together to improve mobility services in Sweden.

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No, but you will have excellent conditions and access to external support to succeed. A total of €1.5 million is allocated for an open call grant to accelerate market introduction for 1-3 of the most transformational sustainable mobility solutions. Other solutions than those in the competition may also apply for this grant. The winners of Sustainable Mobility Challenge will however have access to legal and financial expertise, as well as experts on the Swedish transport system, facilitating an entrance on the Swedish market.

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Each valid application receives scores and feedback from five of our Evaluation Panel judges using criteria in a trait scoring rubric then scores are normalized to ensure a fair and level playing field. Please see the Timeline to learn more about the process and key dates.

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Please explore this website in its entirety, including News & Updates for announcements and other helpful information. Informational webinars will also be available to those who register by 26 February 2019, and you can contact us with questions.