[{"id":29,"name":"Stefan Henningsson","firstName":"Stefan","lastName":"Henningsson","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"image/judges/henningsson_stefan.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/henningsson_stefan.jpg","shortDescription":"WWF Sweden","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Stefan Henningsson acts as Senior Advisor Climate, Energy & Innovation at WWF Sweden and is in the Leadership Team for WWFs global Climate & Energy Practice. In the Leadership Team role he oversees WWF strategic work in relation to all climate & energy issues within policy, corporate & city sector action platforms like Science Based Target initiative and One Planet City Challenge. In the innovation role he maps climate innovation activity levels in key countries as input to national dialogue between policy makers, investors and business. Focus is to enable faster growth of disruptive cleantech entrepreneurs with solutions taking us faster towards a circular, 100% renewable energy economy with energy access for all. Stefan leads the annual honouring of outstanding, early-stage commerzialised innovations in energy/resource efficiency, digitalisation, renewable energy, climate change mitigation technologies and energy access in China, India, South Africa and the Nordic countries since 2008. Innovations are evaluated on their potential climate change mitigation and/or clean energy access in poor communities potential over the coming ten years. Stefan has overseen and directed approximately 250 such innovation impact evaluations using the climatesolvertool.org. This work engages 30 partner organisations in the innovation ecosystem, 70 distinguished jury members and is communicated through the Climate Solver portal - www.climatesolver.org. Work is also directed towards building a first global cleantech innovation ecosystem of professional accelerators in the climate/energy innovation space in order to improve acceleration performance, connect dots and cleantech deal flow opportunities globally.


Global Cleantech Innovation Index maps the strengths and weaknesses in cleantech innovation in 40 countries, incl all G20 countries. Weaknesses that key countries must address in order to further develop their economies whilst contributing more to sustainable development. Stefan has overseen in-depth climate innovation system studies in 10 countries, including China. Stefan is on the Advisory Board for Sustainia 100 since 2013, a publication highlighting 100 of the most inspiring sustainable innovation cases from across the world every year. Stefan is part of the Nordic Cleantech Open jury and on the advisory board of Sweden’s Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board Membership since 2012. Stefan has been an observer of the international climate change negotiations since 2008 with a focus on mitigation, finance and tech as well as a registered observer of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report series 2014.   


Stefan’s specialties are in Climate change, Energy, Innovation systems, Business innovation, Environmental Management in business, Government regulations on climate and energy, ecodesign, environmentally sound product development and general sustainability. Stefan is based in Stockholm and provides a range of climate policy expertise and inputs to reports for WWF such as Reinventing the City - Three prerequisites for greening urban infrastructures, The Energy Report – 100% Renewable Energy World By 2050 and Financial Vehicles – Driving Private Investments in Climate Innovation. Stefan also engages in Climate Savers http://climatesavers.org, WWF multinational corporate program on climate change and on the issue of multinational corporates setting Science-Based Targets, http://sciencebasedtargets.org/.


Over a six year period he was programme manager for Sweden’s SME business development programmes focusing on environmental sustainability as a driver for profit and innovation.  He worked focusing on the Food and Drink Industry at the Environmental Management and Business Research Unit of the University of Hertfordshire, UK from 1998 to 2001 and prior to that he gained his Msc, in Industrial Engineering and Management with a specialisation on Environmental Technology from Linköping University, Sweden (1992-1998).

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Stefan Henningsson","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":23,"name":"Johan Henningsson","firstName":"Johan","lastName":"Henningsson","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"image/judges/henningsson_johan.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/henningsson_johan.jpg","shortDescription":"Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK)","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Johan Henningsson is Head Sustainability and Executive Director at the Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK). SEK is state owned company with a mission to finance Swedish exporters and buyers of Swedish products and service all over the world. ESG and green finance are vital parts of SEK:s business model.


Johan has more than 20 years background within finance from international banks, multinational companies and consultancy firms. Also, he has 10 years of practical experiences of sustainability, ESG and green finance within the field of export financing. 


Johan has a PhD within finance and sustainability and has published articles and book chapters about communication barriers between companies and financial agents concerning sustainability issues and the transformation of banks to incorporate climate issues into their governance structure.  

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Johan Henningsson","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":10,"name":"Beate Kubitz","firstName":"Beate","lastName":"Kubitz","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"image/judges/kubitz_beate.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/kubitz_beate.jpg","shortDescription":"TravelSpirit Foundation","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Beate Kubitz is the author of the Annual Survey of Mobility as a Service published by Landor Links as well as Director of Policy and Communications for the TravelSpirit Foundation. Beate has a background in shared transport research, policy, and development. She has contributed to publications including the Annual Survey of Car Clubs and Bike Share, the Economic Case for Car Clubs and has contributed to policy development on open data and mobility for organisations including the Open Data Institute.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Beate Kubitz","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":31,"name":"Christina Kvarnström","firstName":"Christina","lastName":"Kvarnström","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"image/judges/kvarnstrom_christina.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/kvarnstrom_christina.jpg","shortDescription":"Programme Manager, Vinnova","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Christina Kvarnström is Vinnova’s Programme Manager for the research and innovation programme FFI (Fordonsstrategisk forskning och innovation). FFI is a Swedish programme that stimulates research and innovation within and for the vehicle industry in Sweden. Christina also manages and participates in other transportation-related programmes, including a range of MAAS projects.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":1,"name":"Marjan Mohsenin","firstName":"Marjan","lastName":"Mohsenin","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"Image/judges/mohsenin_marjan.jpg","thumbnail":"Image/judges/mohsenin_marjan.jpg","shortDescription":"Singularity University","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Marjan prescribes strategies on how to think more imaginatively about the future and acquire the mindsets, skills and behaviors to bring that future to life. Her extensive global experience at start-ups and large corporations(including L’Oreal and Kodak) adds a unique perspective of being both the Disruptor and the Disrupted. She is Senior Director of Strategic Relations at Singularity University, a global, future-thinking innovation ecosystem and accelerator, headquartered in Silicon Valley.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Marjan Mohsenin","location":"Singapore","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":21,"name":"Randy Plemel","firstName":"Randy","lastName":"Plemel","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"image/judges/plemel_randy.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/plemel_randy.jpg","shortDescription":"IDEO","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Randy is a Portfolio Director at IDEO. Since receiving his first Lego set, Randy knew that architecture was his calling. Bringing an extensive architectural and branding background to IDEO, Randy has fifteen years of experience in retail design and roll-out execution, office design, residential design, fabrication, and prototyping.


Randy leads IDEO New York's city-based innovation portfolio, including work with Knight Foundation to reimagine the civic commons across eight cities, Bloomberg Philanthropies to cultivate city-based innovation in the U.S. and India, AARP to evolve their role in creating livable communities for all, and the City of Los Angeles and NYCHA to make cities better through design.


Randy enjoys working with a diverse set of clients—including State Farm, Steelcase, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Tata, Citibank, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, and Walgreens—on a variety of design challenges, from new digital communication tools, to blended digital and physical experiences, to entirely new retail strategy and concepts.


Holding a BS in Architecture and Masters of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, Randy has worked worldwide for firms large and small and is in process of completing his Architecture Registration Exam. Randy is a Part-time Studio Lecturer at Parsons the New School, and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at NYU Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Randy Plemel","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":14,"name":"Göran Smith","firstName":"Göran","lastName":"Smith","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"image/judges/smith_goran.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/smith_goran.jpg","shortDescription":"Region Västra Götaland","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Göran Smith is a regional developer at Region Västra Götaland and industrial Ph.D. candidate affiliated to Chalmers University of Technology and K2 – the Swedish Knowledge Centre for Public Transport. He studies the development and diffusion of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). The goal of his research is to create better understanding of how institutional arrangements affect disruptive innovations during different phases of their lifecycles, and of how the public sector can enable fruitful innovation collaborations with private firms without losing the ability to ensure societal benefits. Göran's research will also create a basis for long-term strategic decisions regarding Region Västra Götaland's future role in MaaS.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Göran Smith","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":2,"name":"Pär Svärdson","firstName":"Pär","lastName":"Svärdson","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"image/judges/svardson_par.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/svardson_par.jpg","shortDescription":"Apotea","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Pär Svärdson - the Swedish entrepreneur that founded two successful businesses; Apotea and Adlibris. Pär Svärdson has a business degree in both Engineering and Business Administration and Economics from Linköping University. After graduating in 1995, he started working at Accenture. In 1997 Svärdson founded the online bookstore Adlibris, which soon grew to become Sweden’s biggest online bookstore. In 2010/2011 Adlibris was sold to Bonnier and in 2012 Svärdson founded Apotea. Apotea is Sweden’s first full-scale online pharmacy. Apotea has grown even faster than Adlibris did, and in 2017 the company had a turnover of 1,5 billion SEK. Along with building Sweden’s most climate-friendly logistic center, Apotea has installed the country’s largest rooftop solar PV system to date. The building in Morgongåva is almost carbon neutral and is designed with the goal to minimize environmental impact. Pär Svärdson is a board member of SOS Children's Villages in Sweden, a collaboration that started during Adlibris' early years and is continuing today with Apotea. During his free time Svärdson enjoys sailing, and while sailing on the Baltic Sea noticing the problems with algal bloom he was inspired to take action. This lead to Apoteas collaboration with WWF (the World Wildlife Fund) to try and reduce the pollution causing algae concentrations, and improve the water quality of the Baltic Sea.Svärdson has been rewarded Albert Bonniers prize as Entrepreneur of the Year (2017), EY Entrepreneur of the Year (2016), Influencer of the Year (2015), among others.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Pär Svärdson","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":24,"name":"Xiaomei Tan","firstName":"Xiaomei","lastName":"Tan","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"image/judges/tan_xiaomei.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/tan_xiaomei.jpg","shortDescription":"World Bank Group’s GEF Trust Fund","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Xiaomei Tan is a Senior Climate Change Specialist at World Bank Group’s GEF Trust Fund. She manages GEF’s Energy and Transport Portfolio, which covers 156 projects in 71 countries. Her main responsibilities include developing investment strategies and programming directions for E-mobility and clean energy in client countries, with a special focus on integrated energy planning, electrification of the transport sector, charging infrastructure development, utility pricing and incentive policy.


Prior to her current role, Xiaomei was the Director of Sustainable and Livable Cities Initiative at the World Resources Institute.


Xiaomei received her Ph.D. in Public Policy, MA in Economics and BA in Political Science.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Xiaomei Tan","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":9,"name":"Einar Tufvesson","firstName":"Einar","lastName":"Tufvesson","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"image/judges/tufvesson_einar.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/tufvesson_einar.jpg","shortDescription":"Swedish Transport Administration","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Einar Tufvesson is a strategist at the Swedish Transport Administration, Strategic Development Department. He works with the STA with a long-term focus on passenger travel, with special focus on public transport, walking, cycling and mobility as a service. He is a graduated university planner with a degree from Stockholm University and has previously worked with strategic planning at public transport authorities in Västerbotten and Dalarna.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Einar Tufvesson","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":3,"name":"Neil Valentine","firstName":"Neil","lastName":"Valentine","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"image/judges/valentine_neil.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/valentine_neil.jpg","shortDescription":"European Investment Bank","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

Neil is the head of division responsible for the Urban Mobility sector within the Projects Directorate at the EIB. Neil also leads the Bank’s Cleaner Transport Facility.


The Urban Mobility sector team is responsible for defining the Bank’s lending policies in the roads sector, undertaking the due diligence of potential projects in the sector, monitoring the portfolio of roads investments and generally providing specialist sector advice to the Bank.


Neil is a transport sector specialist with a wide experience in the sector. He started his career in technical consultancy working both in the UK and internationally on a range of infrastructure projects. This was followed by a role for a major management consultant providing advice to major infrastructure clients on project development, management and financing.


Neil joined the Bank as a technical advisor in 2003 working on transport sector projects with a focus on PPP.  He moved to the Lending department in 2007 where he managed a number of EIB’s relationships with transport infrastructure providers in the Western Europe region. He returned to a sector based role in the Projects Directorate in 2012.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Neil Valentine","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":13,"name":"Angela Yong","firstName":"Angela","lastName":"Yong","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"image/judges/yong_angela.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/yong_angela.jpg","shortDescription":"Swedish Meteorological & Hydrological Institute","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Angela Yong is working part time as a program manager at the Swedish Agency for Economic & Regional Growth and is leading a government mission in establishing a national platform for open and data driven innovation. This platform has recently ran an innovation data challenge competition together with A Challenge from Sweden that resulted in https://challengesgov.se/winner-mobility-observer/ that is aimed to aid planning for sustainable mobility services in Sweden.


Angela Yong has long experience from working at Sweden's Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI.se) with IT Operations and Systems Development and is currently leading initiatives and experimenting with innovation processes and digital transformation. She is actively working as a steering group member in Sweden's new platform for citizen driven innovation where Swedish government agencies cooperate with the private sector to promote innovation through open data.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":20,"name":"Ziba Zareie","firstName":"Ziba","lastName":"Zareie","title":"","type":"Evaluation Panel","cms":"judges_g1","image":"image/judges/zareie_ziba.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/zareie_ziba.jpg","shortDescription":"Swedish Institute","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Ziba Zareie has the task to communicate Sweden and Swedish skills, experience and values in sectors such as smart cities, mobility solutions, circular economy and life science. She works mainly with the Government’s export strategy since SI has discharged a number of assignments specifically intended to help implement the Government’s export strategy.


Ziba’s role at the Swedish Institute is to find platforms for more Swedish companies to enter the global market. Ziba was the Deputy CEO at Greatness PR where she was and adviser to some of Sweden’s largest corporations. She was the former Executive Director of the Swedish – American Chambers of Commerce office in Sweden (SACC-USA) where she worked for many years with establishing Swedish clean tech companies on the US market. Ziba also spent a few years in Washington D.C. with SACC-USA where she was in charge of Corporate Programs.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Ziba Zareie","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":8,"name":"Emily Evenäs","firstName":"Emily","lastName":"Evenäs","title":"","type":"Stakeholder Panel","cms":"judges_g2","image":"image/judges/evenas_emily.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/evenas_emily.jpg","shortDescription":"City of Malmö","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Emily Evenäs works at the City planning office in Malmö. One of her main work task is to work together with developers to reduce the demand for parking when building new housing or business offices. Malmö has a flexibel parking standard which means that the developers can use mobility measures to reduce parking requirements.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Emily Evenäs","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":26,"name":"Martin Högberg","firstName":"Martin","lastName":"Högberg","title":"","type":"Stakeholder Panel","cms":"judges_g2","image":"image/judges/hogberg_martin.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/hogberg_martin.jpg","shortDescription":"CGI Sweden","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

“Treat other so that they share their next idea” That’s the basic about Martins way of managing innovation. He is head of Innovation for CGI Sweden, driving the development of innovation capabilities for CGI, and also as an business innovation consultant helping clients increase and deliver innovation to markets. His main subject is smart cities, transportation and sustainability, where innovations are created with a focus on behaviors and a user centric approach.

\n\n\n\n\t\n","quote":"Martin Högberg","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":19,"name":"Per-Erik Holmberg","firstName":"Per-Erik","lastName":"Holmberg","title":"","type":"Stakeholder Panel","cms":"judges_g2","image":"image/judges/holmberg_per-erik.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/holmberg_per-erik.jpg","shortDescription":"RISE Viktoria","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Per-Erik Holmberg from RISE Viktoria is project manager for KOMPIS, a Swedish program for stimulating the creation of combined mobility services (MaaS). Per Erik has worked with mobility issues both in public transport and for nine years at RISE. He participated in the project that developed and tested UbiGo, and since then the project has worked with research and investigations around Maas, combined mobility and what it takes to achieve this.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Per-Erik Holmberg","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":25,"name":"Gustaf Landahl","firstName":"Gustaf","lastName":"Landahl","title":"","type":"Stakeholder Panel","cms":"judges_g2","image":"image/judges/landahl_gustaf.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/landahl_gustaf.jpg","shortDescription":"City of Stockholm","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Gustaf Landahl, Head of Department Planning & Environment at the Environment and Health administration, City of Stockholm, has a Masters degree in civil engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He started to work for the City of Stockholm in 1988 as a project manager for the city’s work with comprehensive land-use planning.


In 1995 Mr. Landahl was appointed head of Department Planning & Environment. This department is responsible for environmental control in Stockholm as well as environmental issues in land use planning and traffic.


His department is responsible for the City’s work on Climate protection and energy efficiency. The mobility issues are the greatest challenge to meet the city’s goal to be fossil fuel free by 2040. Mr. Landahl has several engagements to help reach this goal.


Mr. Landahl has coordinated several large European mobility projects with funding from the European Commission such as the Trendsetter project (first round of CIVITAS projects). and he is also a frequent speaker at international events. At present, he also coordinates GrowSmarter, a European project demonstrating twelve smart solutions to help Europe grow smarter.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Gustaf Landahl","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":7,"name":"Åke Lindström","firstName":"Åke","lastName":"Lindström","title":"","type":"Stakeholder Panel","cms":"judges_g2","image":"image/judges/lindstrom_ake.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/lindstrom_ake.jpg","shortDescription":"Kista Science City","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Mr. Åke Lindström, ICT Development Director of Kista Science City, a Stockholm city district and a globally leading research and innovation cluster in ICT. Kista Science City includes an outdoor and indoor collaboration platform and digital testbed for sustainable and connected urban development, Urban ICT Arena,


Åke´s master skill is to create collaborations between public, enterprise and academy, today by using the Kista city district as site for prototyping, testing and demonstrating solutions that help the City of Stockholm in its strategy for a smart and connected city.


Åke has been working in Kista Science City since 2010 and has during these years supported the City of Stockholm, the Public Transport Administration (SL), the Stockholm County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen), the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) and the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) in connecting with the ICT student, researcher and developer community that innovate in the field of urban mobility solutions.


Åke is a juror of the New York think-tank Intelligent Community Forum and an appointed reviewer at the Swedish Innovation Agency (Vinnova) and the Kista Science City representative of ITS Sweden.


Åke formerly worked at SL as an expert in Intelligent Transport Systems & Services (ITS) and as a strategist developing wireless web-based solutions and services for urban transport, including Journey Planners, Real Time Information Systems and Ticketing Systems. From 2004 to 2010 he was also a member of the IT & Innovations Commission at UITP, the global organization for Public Transportation.


Åke Lindström has studied Human, Economic and Physical Geography, Geology, Biology and Ecology at Stockholm University.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Åke Lindström","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":28,"name":"Mats W Lundberg","firstName":"Mats W","lastName":"Lundberg","title":"","type":"Stakeholder Panel","cms":"judges_g2","image":"image/judges/lundberg_mats.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/lundberg_mats.jpg","shortDescription":"Sandvik Materials Technology","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Mats W Lundberg is Sustainability Specialist and board member at Sandvik. With a PhD in materials and nanotechnology and research positions abroad, Mats has a broad knowledge in fuel cells and electromobility from system level down to individual atoms. He was the initiator of Sweden’s fourth hydrogen filling station in Sandviken and is a frequent speaker in the hydrogen society. Mats obviously has solar panels on his house, a battery car and an electric bicycle. He is a passionate believer in sustainable mobility and does not believe in silver bullet solutions.

\n\n\n\n\t\n","quote":"Mats W Lundberg","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":9,"name":"Mårten Rignell","firstName":"Mårten","lastName":"Rignell","title":"","type":"Stakeholder Panel","cms":"judges_g2","image":"image/judges/rignell_marten.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/rignell_marten.jpg","shortDescription":"Skånetrafiken","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Mårten Rignell has  +30 years of experience working with digitalization in broadcasting, mobile phone industry, digital pen business area, medtech and now public transportation as business developer at the Public Transport Authority Skånetrafiken (www.skanetrafiken.se). A long journey with several more goals to reach the coming years with a focus on mobility with a sustainable drive and public transportation with an individual touch.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Mårten Rignell","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":30,"name":"Andreas Schönström","firstName":"Andreas","lastName":"Schönström","title":"","type":"Stakeholder Panel","cms":"judges_g2","image":"image/judges/schonstrom_andreas.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/schonstrom_andreas.jpg","shortDescription":"City of Malmö","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Social democrat Andreas Schönström is the Deputy Mayor of the city of Malmö, responsible for technology. He is councillor of the Malmö City Council Central Committee. He was recently elected into the regional council of Skåne. He is a member of the national employment service board. He is chair of Euro cities Social Affairs Forum.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":18,"name":"Kenneth Sjöholm","firstName":"Kenneth","lastName":"Sjöholm","title":"","type":"Stakeholder Panel","cms":"judges_g2","image":"image/judges/sjoholm_kenneth.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/sjoholm_kenneth.jpg","shortDescription":"Mobility as a Service","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Kenneth Sjöholm, Regional Project Manager for Mobility as a Service in the northernmost region, Gävleborg together with the region's stakeholders. As a project manager, he has been active in industry, society and city center development and several years within sales and marketing at Sandvik Materials Technology. It was there he found his interest in steel art and started my own creative business.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Kenneth Sjöholm","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":15,"name":"Ola Stensby","firstName":"Ola","lastName":"Stensby","title":"","type":"Stakeholder Panel","cms":"judges_g2","image":"image/judges/stensby_ola.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/stensby_ola.jpg","shortDescription":"Lindholmen Science Park ","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Ola Stensby is a senior program/project manager at Lindholmen Science Park AB, a position he holds since 6 years. Among his responsibilities are Security Arena, a collaboration platform about public safety. Today he is part responsible for the EU Interreg project BSR Electric. Before joining his current position Ola Stensby has had various managagerial positions within Ericsson AB for almost 25 years. He has also a background in IT-solutions for public transportation. With his experience from the industry segment Ola has great knowledge of business development and market introductions.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Ola Stensby","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":20,"name":"Sandra Viktor","firstName":"Sandra","lastName":"Viktor","title":"","type":"Stakeholder Panel","cms":"judges_g2","image":"image/judges/viktor_sandra.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/viktor_sandra.jpg","shortDescription":"Sustainable Mobility as a Service","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Sandra Viktor is Environmental Coordinator at the Department of Environmental and Urban planning in Linkoping, Sustainability Coordinator at Science Park Mjärdevi and Regional Project Manager for Sustainable Mobility as a Service in Ostergotland.


She works with sustainable mobility with an holistic approach on a daily basis, including mobility management, planning, infrastructure, economical incentives, traffic design and campaigns. Sandra is a connector and a link between actors, companies, organizations and projects within this area. The aim is to improve sustainable urban mobility and design the city for the people (not the cars). Through this goal, she helps to ensure accessibility to all, improve safety and security, reduce air and noise pollution, contribute to a better urban environment and improve cost-effectiveness of transportation. She is excited by any mention of seamless mobility, sharing, co-creation, nudging, design thinking and bikes.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Sandra Viktor","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":10,"name":"Tore Carlsson","firstName":"Tore","lastName":"Carlsson","title":"","type":"Selection Committee","cms":"judges_g3","image":"image/judges/carlsson_tore.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/carlsson_tore.jpg","shortDescription":"Swedish Energy Agency","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Tore Carlson has been the Head Resource for the Efficient Community Unit at Swedish Energy Agency since 2013. He is also a member of the board for Sustainable Mobility as a Service, a challenge from Sweden aiming to co-develop new solutions and profitable business models in order to reach the goal of a fossil free transportation sector in Sweden before 2050.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Tore Carlsson","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":17,"name":"Olle Dierks","firstName":"Olle","lastName":"Dierks","title":"","type":"Selection Committee","cms":"judges_g3","image":"image/judges/dierks_olle.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/dierks_olle.jpg","shortDescription":"Swedish Incubators & Science Parks","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Olle Dierks is a Director for Global Challenges and International Relations at Swedish Incubators & Science Parks. He is leading A Challenge from Sweden, the programme that Sustainable Mobility Challenge is part of and is on the board of Swedish Smartgrid Forum.Olle has long background within innovation for sustainability in areas such as energy and city development.

\n\n\t\n","quote":"Olle Dierks","location":"","longitude":"","latitude":""},{"id":12,"name":"Peter Engdahl","firstName":"Peter","lastName":"Engdahl","title":"","type":"Selection Committee","cms":"judges_g3","image":"image/judges/engdahl_peter.jpg","thumbnail":"image/judges/engdahl_peter.jpg","shortDescription":"Swedish Energy Agency","longDescription":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

Peter Engdahl is Head of the Sustainable Transport Unit at the Swedish Energy Agency that supports research and innovation activities targeting a fossil free transport sector. He is the project owner of the Sustainable Mobility Challenge and shared project ownership of the Swedish \"SOFT\" project with the task to coordinate the work towards a Swedish fossil free vehicle fleet.  He has a background within the automotive industry with close to 15 years of experience from product development, research and innovation activities.

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Jesper Johansson is the Operational Project Manager for Sustainable Mobility Challenge. He is one of the leading experts in Sustainable Mobility, Travel Demand Management and Mobility Management in Sweden. Jesper has 17 years of experience within these areas of expertise from the employments at national government on a regional level and as a consultant.

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Peter Kasche has been Program Manager at Swedish Energy Agency since 1998. For the Sustainable Mobility Challenge, Peter will serve as the Work Package Leader for the evaluation of the accelerated market introduction phase.

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Charlotte Lejon is Head of Commercialization and entrepreneurship at the Swedish Energy Agency, a unit supporting sustainable growth in the energy and climate area. She is the initiator of A Challenge from Sweden, the programme that Sustainable Mobility Challenge is part of. Charlotte has extensive knowledge in innovation procurement from her positions at the Swedish Energy Agency and long experience of working with business development in the IT-sector.

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