About the Challenge

Awarding €150,000 and accelerating market introduction for innovative, scalable and sustainable mobility solutions

Global climate goals are set and the journey toward a sustainable future has begun. Sweden is committed to push boundaries and build a more sustainable future with a fossil-free transport sector at the latest by 2045.

Understanding that our daily commute accounts for a substantial part of our CO2-emissions, we are exploring new ways to improve how we travel. Through the Sustainable Mobility Challenge, Sweden invites the world’s most progressive innovators and organisations to take part in unlocking the potential of sustainable mobility services. To reduce the carbon footprint from our daily travel and commute, we will recognise and implement fossil-free, user-friendly personal transport services that meet the needs of today’s commuter, and that reduce the need for privately-owned vehicles.


The Sustainable Mobility Challenge offers winners a direct path to more quickly and easily access the Swedish market in 2019.

We are pleased to recognise the three most innovative, scalable, and user-friendly solutions with an award in the amount of €50,000 each. 

Once the Winners of the Sustainable Mobility Challenge are named in Summer 2019, they qualify for facilitation support and a series of meetings with representatives from the sites for accelerated market introduction with the goal to launch 1-3 of the most promising and transformational sustainable mobility solutions available. The Swedish Energy Agency has allocated €1.5 million for an open call grant to accelerate this market introduction in Sweden starting in Autumn 2019, including design, installation and evaluation required for successful commercial adoption.


This initiative has created a network of cities, employers, large companies and property owners who are ready to test and invest in impactful, feasible, and scalable solutions that take us one step closer to a sustainable future. 

While only three solutions will receive cash awards, all applicants will receive valuable feedback from our Evaluation Panel to help evolve or fine-tune their ideas, and top-scoring applicants will have the unique opportunity to have their ideas shared with our Stakeholder Panel — many of whom are potential investors and changemakers in the sustainable mobility sector.

We are thankful and fortunate to have the tremendous support of the following stakeholders.

Regional Public Authorities

Region Gävleborg
Regional Public Transport Authority in Gävleborg (X-trafik)
Region Västra Götaland
Regional Public Transport Authority in Västra Götaland (Västtrafik)
Region Östergötland
Regional Public Transport Authority in Östergötland (Östgötatrafiken)
Stockholm County Council
Stockholm Public Transport (SL)
Regional Public Tansport Authority in Skåne (Skånetrafiken)


City of Stockholm 
City of Gothenburg 
City of Malmö 
City of Lund 
City of Helsingborg 
City of Gävle 
City of Sandviken 
City of Uppsala 
City of Linköping 
City of Motala 

Public-owned and private companies

Tekniska Verken 
Göteborgs stads Parkering AB 
Dukaten Parking  
Sandvik AB 
Tyréns AB 
RISE – The Swedish Research Institute 
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute 
Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute 
Chalmers University of Technology 
Samtrafiken i Sverige AB

Public property owners

Sankt Kors 
Svenska Bostäder

Private property owners

Tenant owners’ association of Finnboda Varv

Science Parks

Lindholmen Science Park (Gothenburg) 
Science Park Mjärdevi (Linköping) 
Sandbacka Park (Sandviken) 
Kista Science City (Stockholm) 
Ideon Science Park (Lund) 
Johanneberg Science Park (Gothenburg)

Key Partners

The Sustainable Mobility Challenge is made possible by the collaborative efforts of our key partners.

Thank you for your interest in the Sustainable Mobility Challenge! We are excited to learn more about your solutions. Please be sure to explore all of the helpful information on this site including the application, rules, and scoring process.

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