Accelerated Market Introduction

Our winning solutions in action

As part of the Sustainable Mobility Challenge, the Swedish Energy Agency is offering a unique opportunity for the winning solutions to more quickly and easily access the Swedish market in 2019. 

The Swedish Energy Agency has allocated €1.5 million for an open call grant to accelerate market introduction for the most transformational sustainable mobility solutions available, including design, installation, evaluation, and other activities required for successful commercial adoption. An additional €4.5 million is to be invested by the committed partners on the different geographical sites (see location information below) where the solutions are tested and introduced.

The open call is set to commence on the 27th of February and will remain open until the 24th of June 2019. The expected duration of applied projects is 12 – 14 months within a period between the 1st of November 2019 until the 31st of December 2020.

The expected project volume is between 20-60 MSEK with a contribution rate of 25% from the Swedish Energy Agency (5-15 MSEK). The contribution from the Swedish Energy Agency is prearranged in accordance with the European Union’s state aid rules as defined here.

The open call accepts applications from a wide variety of stakeholders and actors including consortia of suppliers, public and private need-owners and if applicable, also academia. Further details regarding the open call will be available in the beginning of mars.

During the Negotiation Period our team will facilitate on-site meetings and intensive discussions to match the winning solutions with a selected site, agree on goals for the partnership, and set a plan to move forward.

To enable a wider implementation of the winning solutions in other locations and cities, the experiences from the accelerated market introduction and test phase will be documented and shared within the existing network of potential buyers.

There will be five locations in Sweden available for accelerated market introduction. See below to learn more about each site, including an overview of the location, travel behavior, the need, statistics and more.