A progressive region with the world’s first electric highway.

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Gävleborg is a progressive region in terms of sustainable energy and transports. The region is home to the cities of Gävle and Sandviken, and is located 180 km north of Stockholm with one third of Sweden’s population and just over a third of Sweden’s companies within a radius of 2 hours. Gävle is the second-best environmental municipality in Sweden and uses 100% green electricity and all public transport runs on biogas. The world’s first electric highway was built in Sandviken in 2016. Here you also find the first hydrogene gas station outside of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and the most fuelcell cars in Sweden.

Gävleborg has a long tradition in trade, steel manufacturing, forest, and paper industries, with several large export industries such as Sandvik, Ovako, Stora Enso, Billerud- Korsnäs, ABB, and Kraft Foods. There is a vast number of exciting start-ups and scales-ups present in the region, and Microsoft recently decided to establish here. This makes Gävleborg one of the most heavily invested regions in terms of capital investments in industrial sectors.

The regional incubator Movexum and Sandbacka Science Park are two important facilitators in the regions innovative system. 

The site for accelerated market introduction

The main cities in the Gävleborg region are Gävle and Sandviken with 140,000 citizens.

Gävle is growing by 1,000 inhabitants each year and large investments are made in new housing, infrastructure with double-track rail, and an expansion of Gävle Harbor. Gävle was ranked as Sweden's second-best environmental municipality in 2017 and 2018, and was recently awarded Sweden’s best electric municipality. Gävle is a cycling town close to everything within 5 km.

Sandviken, located next to Gävle, is a center for the country's future energy technology with biofuel, wind power, fuel cells, hydrogen, and an electrified highway. Sandviken also offers a powerful industrial region, strongly focused on R&D, and is one of the most research-rich municipalities in the country with about 700 researchers at Sandvik.

Hydrogen buses will start running in Sandviken by the end of 2019. Biogas is produced locally from the households’ organic waste, and renewable diesel is available in 100% HVO. The region is home to the largest windparks in northern Europe, and an expansion of structure for charging electric cars is planned for this year.

More on Sandviken here.

Travel behavior and existing need

European highway E16 connects the cities Gävle and Sandviken (20 km) and is one of northern Sweden's busiest road sections with up to 30,000 vehicles per day. Approximately 5,500 people commute daily in each direction, often in their own car and usually alone despite the well-developed public transport options and the ongoing climate debate.

Challenges result from the many people commuting by personal vehicle, as well as the heavy industrial transports passing our region in order to reach the harbour in Gävle. The emissions from transports are at a level of 32% in Sweden as a whole, but in this region the share of emissions caused by transportation is 45-50%.

We would really benefit from more innovation and new solutions.

Major investment in public transport increased to 100,000 trips during 2018 and the forecast is another 100,000 in 2019. Commuting is done by bus and by the regional trains connecting Gävle and Sandviken. 

It is challenging to change people’s mindset and behaviors. We are looking for the next step of innovative sustainable solutions for future transportation, commuting, and daily travel.

The stakeholders

Gävleborg offers a site to implement the next generation of new sustainable mobility services in the area of commuting. We are open to new services and offer a true opportunity to contribute in solving our mobility challenges.

During the test period, Sandbacka Science Park will support local coordination in order to enable a market introduction.

Commuting data: Located in Sandviken, Sandvik AB is the largest private employer in the region with 5,052 employees, many of whom live in Gävle. The regional hospital in Gävle and Gävle Municipality are large public employers with many employees commuting from Sandviken.

X-Trafik is responsible for public transportation in the region, and major investments are made in transportation between Gävle and Sandviken. 

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