Ongoing transformation calls for new sustainable ways to get to work

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Welcome to Gothenburg

Gothenburg, located in western Sweden, is the second largest city in the country and one of Scandinavia’s major logistics centres. Its position by the water has made Gothenburg a very important harbor for Swedish export. The city has a strong industrial tradition and is the home of global companies such as Volvo Group, Volvo Cars and SKF. Gothenburg’s strong industrial position has opened a door to a wide range of other business sectors.

Gothenburg is currently transforming from a smaller city to a big city. This places completely new demands on the transport system. There must be increased opportunities for walking, cycling and using public transport, and these alternatives must be so attractive that residents choose them over their privately-owned vehicles. In a proactive transport strategy, the city has adopted a holistic perspective to create a dense and green city, and to address growth opportunities and the need for new infrastructure without compromising sustainability.

The site for accelerated market introduction 

The intended site for accelerated market introduction in Gothenburg is the Campus Lundby area where Volvo Group's headquarters are located and a growing part of the company’s operations will be based. Here Volvo creates a world-center for the development of transport solutions within the Volvo Group's various areas.

Campus Lundby will grow from 4,500 to 11,000 employes within six to eight years. Volvo has been generously offering employee parking, but this incentive will be very limited in the future. While the area offers public transportation as well as car- and bike-pool services, finding new, attractive solutions for employees to get to and from work is a growing necessity for Volvo Group and a prerequisite to be an attractive employer.

Close to Campus Lundby, and a potential expansion of the site for accelerated market introduction, is Lindholmen Science Park. It has become the most knowledge-intensive and expansive area in Gothenburg, and an important hub for the expanding city. The science park has attracted 375 companies, two universities and six secondary schools, and has become a cluster for transportation and mobility. 

The Lindholmen area is also undergoing a major transformation. Both housing projects and new offices are planned and the amount of people in the area is expected to double from 30,000 to 60,000 within just a couple of years. The area is planned with a reduced number of parking spaces in the outskirts and therefore strong emphasis is on finding new mobility services. There are many exciting plans for the area, including a new cable-car that will simplify travel across the Göta river. The cable-car, with a capacity of 2,000 passengers per hour in each direction, is planned to start its operation in 2021 and will be the first in Sweden to integrate into the regular public transport system. The cable-car is going to connect the two areas, Campus Lundby and Lindholmen, as well as with other parts of Gothenburg.

Travel behaviour

Gothenburg is a fast-growing city. With 45% of daily travel made by car, the city’s transport strategy clearly states that a broad implementation of alternative sustainable mobility services is crucial to support the current expansion.

Already today there are several types of mobility services offered in Gothenburg. Established services for car pools, bike pools and public transportation, including buses, electrical buses and trams exist. Gothenburg also utilizes its location by the water through ferries and the planned cable-car across the river.

The stakeholders and existing need

There is an explicit and shared need among several stakeholder in Gothenburg to find and invest in sustainable mobility services.

The main partner involved in the site for accelerated market introduction is Volvo Group. During the test period, Lindholmen Science Park AB will support with local coordination to enable a smooth market introduction. 

Facts & figures: Gothenburg

100 billion Euros will be invested in Gothenburg by 2035. 

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