Sweden’s most ambitious climate goals

Welcome to Linköping

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Linköping, located in eastern Sweden, is a progressive industrial city with the most ambitious climate goals in the whole country. The region leads the way in cleantech with a well-developed industry focused on recycling and renewable fuels. Linköping is the home of leading tech companies such as Sectra, IFS and Autoliv, as well as pioneering startups like Amra, XM Reality and Senion. Also, multinational companies such as Ericsson, Toyota and Siemens are located here in East Sweden.

Linköping’s ambitious goal to be carbondioxide neutral by 2025 requires new solutions and behavioural changes - and involves everyone. A broad implementation of sustainable mobility services is key in achieving this goal.

The site for accelerated market introduction  

The intended site for accelerated market introduction in Linköping is the dense, green and varied Vallastaden, also called Sweden´s most innovative city district. Nearly 1,000 residences are built around central themes of social, environmental and economical sustainability. 

Vallastaden is car-free with only a limited number of parking spaces on the outskirts of the district. To get around, residents are offered a free trial period for public transportation and free membership in car-sharing and bike-pool services.

The goal is a test of 5,000-10,000 users with one to three employers in one to three residential areas. With its progressive profile, Vallastaden attracts early adopters and is an excellent site to try new services and drive change.

Adjacent to Vallastaden, and part of the site for accelerated market introduction, is the Science Park Mjärdevi. It is a world-class innovation hotspot with 7,000 brilliant minds and more than 400 companies. Also, Linköping's highly ranked university is next door, and enrolls more than 27,000 students and employs 4,000 people.

Travel behaviour

Linköping is Sweden’s second bike friendliest city. Almost 30% of the daily trips are made by bike with an ambition to increase it to 40% by 2030. There is also an ambition to increase public transportation from 13% to 20% while reducing car rates from 60% to 40%. Major investments are made to develop public transport and the network for walking and cycling.

Already today there are several types of mobility services in Linköping. Established services for car sharing, e-cargobike pool and BRT-bus rapid transit exist. During 2019, new services for a city-wide e-bike pool and autonomous minibuses are planned. 

The stakeholders and existing need

There is a great desire in the region to find solutions that make it easy to live and get around without owning a car. Many of Linköping’s companies take a stand and are actively involved in the transformation not only from a sustainability perspective, but also to be an attractive employer in the future. Already today, several employers and property owners in Linköping have signed an intentional agreement as a partner for accelerated market introduction, with Ericsson, IFS, Combitech, Cybercom and Wolfram, to name a few. During the test period, Science Park Mjärdevi will support local coordination to enable a smooth market introduction.

Linköping wants a “Spotify-like” solution for sustainable mobility services where alternatives to using a privately-owned car are so attractive that participiants choose to leave their car parked during our test period. 

Facts & figures: Linköping

Linköping’s site for accelerated market introduction offers a progressive context within an area of 3 square kilometers.  

Available services at the site:

Sunfleet Carsharing
Sankt Kors AB (city wide e-bike pool)